7153 Jango Fett's Slave I (C)

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Certified used set - This set has been verified complete and includes all of the pieces, stickers, minifigs and instructions

Warning: Brown and dark red pieces in older LEGO sets can be extremely brittle and crack or break easily. Be very careful when rebuilding any older set with these color pieces. We cannot guarantee that they won’t break so proceed at your own risk.

Disclaimer: Colors of LEGO pieces fade over time, especially with exposure to heat or sunlight, so used sets are not guaranteed to be in “as new” coloring condition. We don’t sell badly sun-damaged sets, but all used sets will experience some degree of color fading, especially the white pieces. Please ask if you have any concerns about a set before purchasing. Used sets are sold AS-IS and can't be returned or exchanged once they leave the store.