7261 Clone Turbo Tank (U)

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7261 Clone Turbo Tank has many features, including a cockpit on each end, which can be opened to seat minifigures at the controls, opening side doors with an interior to hold minifigures or the blaster cannon also included in the set, a door on each side which can be opened to reveal the engine compartment, posable weapons on the top of the Turbo Tank, and a "crow's nest" that can be raised or lowered.


Disclaimer: Used sets may be missing parts, be partial sets, or have color swapped pieces.  They include all pieces/minifigures as pictured.  Please ask if you have any concerns about a set before purchasing. They are sold AS-IS and can't be returned or exchanged.

Shipping: Used sets are shipped assembled. Some minor disassembly may be required for packing.  Each set will be packed as carefully as possible, but it is virtually guaranteed that additional disassembly will occur during shipping.